Is An Automatic Car Right For You? – A Beginner’s Guide MILTA Technology

Is An Automatic Car Right For You? – A Beginner’s Guide

The automatic vehicle is ridding its image of a car for elderly drivers and those who cannot use a manual transmission. The automatic is becoming increasingly popular for their ease, reliability and the fact they can save money on fuel and maintenance too. However, for those new to automatic vehicles, it can be confusing to know how to begin.

Automatic Transmission – What You Need To Know
Instead of changing gear manually, the car will complete the action for you. However, there are some functions on the gear stick that you will need to know. Most automatics will have these key features;

Drive – Selects the gears to allow the car to move forward

Park – A function to use when the car is at a complete stop to lock the transmission and prevent it from rolling. (This needs to be used with the handbrake.)

Reverse – Enables the car to move backwards. Should only be selected when the car has completely stopped moving.

Neutral – Can be used for short periods when you have stopped. It should not be used while moving to coast the car as this can damage the transmission.

Some cars will offer functions such as first or second gear which can help you to lower your speed and help when driving down a steep hill. It can also assist when you are pulling away in icy conditions. However, some vehicles will have a ‘winter mode’ function that takes care of this for you.

The Benefits Of An Automatic Vehicle
Automatic vehicles are well liked because they are easier to drive. If you find clutch control a challenge, then an automatic vehicle can take care of the process for you. However, the biggest draw for many people is the fact that automatic transmissions can be much more efficient than manual transmissions, helping to increase the longevity of the car as well as saving you money.

Another advantage of automatic cars is the fact they are often much faster and more responsive. After all, an automatic can change gears much quicker and easier than a human can. This can shave time off your drive, especially if you take your vehicle to track days.

It is important to note that an automatic vehicle is typically more expensive to buy new than a manual car. However, it may save you money in the long run.

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