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Automatic Cars Will Soon Overtake Manual Car Sales

In 2017, over a million automatic vehicles were sold in the UK alone. In fact, as cars become increasingly refined with efficient, faster automatic gearboxes, it may not be long until the sale of automatic vehicles overtakes manual options. In just five years, sales of automatic vehicles have more than doubled, so what is in store for the future of automatic vehicles?

The future of automatic vehicles

Hybrid and electric vehicles
As the sale of hybrid and electric cars increase, so too will the number of automatic gearboxes in the UK. All of the hybrid and electric cars on the market have an automatic transmission. While electric vehicles could have gears, they are not necessary as the torque and power are plenty. If an electric car did include a manual transmission, it would add more weight and complexity than is necessary. Currently, the simple system involved in an electric vehicle further adds to its appeal as being a relatively reliable vehicle option.

Armoured vehicles
For a long time, manual transmissions were the only choice in utility vehicles. However, as new cars are being developed, with more intelligent engines, there is an increase in robust utility vehicles. The automatic market is growing in vehicles used for towing, off-roading and touring. As well as this, there is an increase in automatic armoured vehicles.

As automatic transmissions can come equipped with modes such as manual select and Tiptronic, they are much more versatile and suit a range of functions and vehicle options.

Self-driving cars
Already, self-driving cars are being tested on the roads. Brands such as Tesla, Audi, Google, Aurora and Nissan are spending vast amounts on research and development for autonomous vehicles. It seems likely that they will soon be on the market, however, demand for these vehicles is not yet known. Due to the nature of self-driving cars, this means a rise in automatic transmissions. With this demand in gearbox development, it may benefit the rest of the car industry too.

Ready for an automatic future?
It is clear that the demand for and technology within automatic transmissions will grow as they become more and more common with future industry trends. At Milta Technology, we are automatic gearbox specialists, ready to help with any gearbox issue you are experiencing now as well as preparing for the future of automatic gearboxes as they grow in popularity. If you have an automatic gearbox issue, then get in touch with the team here.

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