Should you buy a remanufactured transmission? MILTA Technology

Should you buy a remanufactured transmission?

An automatic gearbox is an expensive component in a car due to its intricate internal structure. Over time, the gearbox in your car can suffer damage which may mean a replacement gearbox is necessary. Fortunately, by using a specialist, you can find a range of refurbished and remanufactured transmissions to fit in your car to get your vehicle up and running again as quickly as possible.

The benefits of buying a refurbished transmission

1. Cheaper

One of the most significant considerations when repairing a car is the cost. Usually, you’ll have a budget in mind when it comes to restoring your vehicle. You can have an idea of the value and whether it is worth the cost of repairing or whether purchasing a new car makes a more practical choice.

Fortunately, a cost-effective choice is to choose a remanufactured transmission. These will always be a cheaper alternative to buying a new transmission requires a great deal of labour which means it is much more expensive.

2. Warranty

If you are worried about the reliability and effectiveness of a remanufactured transmission, then look out for a company that offers a warranty. The warranty period will help to instil trust in your transmission and that the company provides a high-quality service.

A warranty is a great way to guarantee the work that has been completed and ensure that you have paid for parts that are guaranteed for a set period of time at least if not for longer.

3. Combine old with new

Old parts that are still working well don’t need to be replaced, and with a refurbished transmission you can still benefit from the old parts that are still functioning and are still of high quality with the new components that can be used in conjunction with one another for a seamless and improved car functionality.

4. Works like new

While the whole transmission will not be brand new, the elements that are of high quality will remain operating as normal and the new parts will be there to ensure a smooth function that feels brand new and may even perform better than you’re used to.

At Milta Technology, we are gearbox specialists who are experts at remanufacturing transmissions. By taking apart each piece of the transmission our technicians first clean the parts to examine their quality and then get to work on repairing or replacing any parts that need to be and ensuring a great fix to keep your car operating smoothly and seamlessly.

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