How does an automatic transmission actually work? MILTA Technology

How does an automatic transmission actually work?

When purchasing a new car, one of the most significant decisions to make is whether to choose an automatic or manual transmission. There are positives and benefits of both and the right one for you will depend on your needs. However, in the field of automatic transmissions, there are many different types of automatic transmission available, from dual-clutch to automated manual to a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT).

Why do we need a gearbox?

Whether automatic or manual, a gearbox is designed to utilise the engine’s torque to allow to accelerate and change speeds without wearing out the car and causing it to be undrivable. A gearbox ensures your engine operates at the right speeds to prevent damage. In an automatic transmission, this is mainly due to planetary gearset.

What is a planetary gearset?

The planetary gearset can be found within the automatic transmission. It consists of three parts, the sun gear, planet gears and the ring gear. The purpose of the planetary gearset is to contain and provide all of the different ratios that your transmission is capable of. As the various sections of the gearset lock together you get a range of actions, from reducing the gears to increase the speed.

Can an automatic transmission be repaired?

There are only a few garages, like Milta, that will repair automatic transmissions. Many garages do not offer this service. To fix an automatic transmission, all of the hundreds of components in the transmission need to be pulled apart and analysed. Once the right part has been replaced, the whole gearbox needs to be rebuilt again. As a transmission is compact, it is very fiddly and meticulous work that should only be conducted by a skilled and experienced transmission repair technician.

Another issue is the many types of automatic transmissions there are available. With so many different brands and gearbox types, a technician needs to have vast knowledge. This is why Milta Technology focus on gearbox repairs for VAG group cars, as this is our area of expertise.

Problem with your automatic transmission?

Whether you’re near our garage in Bristol or anywhere else in the UK, we can help to repair your automatic transmission. Get in touch with our team and tell us your transmission concerns by emailing [email protected].

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