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The Truths And Myths Of Automatic Cars

While there is a growing number of automatic cars on the roads these days, many people will favour a manual transmission. One of the reasons many people still plump for a manual car is down to the myths and horror stories that they have heard about automatic cars. In this article, we’ll uncover the myths, so you know the truth about automatic vehicles.

Truth: Automatics are easier to drive

First off you have to bear in mind that automatic cars are incredibly easy to drive. It’s simply a case of accelerating and breaking. With there being no clutch to worry about, you won’t end up stalling the car, or when you do a hill start, you won’t end up rolling backwards. It’s a more convenient way to drive, with a lot less hassle. You’re free to focus on the road, and you could say this means driving is a lot safer.

Myth: They are more expensive to buy

There are a lot of myths and stories out there that manage to put people off of buying a car with automatic transmission though. The first one and probably the main one is that people believe that automatics are more expensive to buy. The reality here is that if you’re buying second hand, the prices are around the same. You should bear in mind as well that automatics should have a lot less potential problems and that the engine and transmission in a manual will have been worked a lot harder over time.

Myth: They cost more to maintain

Again another myth comes down to cost. Many people are of the opinion that automatic vehicles will cost a lot more to maintain and that they’ll end up shelling out quite a bit more money keeping the car working properly. This is simply not true. For a start, there is less chance that an automatic vehicle will encounter issue because there are less moving parts in the car’s set up. Also, manuals can have serious transmission problems that will cost a pretty penny to put right. An automatic car simply won’t.

Myth: Garages won’t repair your automatic

Regular garages can perform repairs on automatics. It’s a common misconception that mechanics these days aren’t qualified or trained to perform repairs on them or that people will end up searching for a lifetime to find someone who can work on their automatic vehicle. It’s not true. These days, most garages can repair automatics pretty easily.

Truth: Automatics are more fuel efficient

Fuel. Driving an automatic will save you money because it will save your fuel. This is all down to the automatic gear change. Manual drivers change gear when they feel it’s necessary and often won’t change gear at the best moment. The automatic transmission is automatic. The gear changes at the optimal time, therefore saving you fuel and over the course of time, quite a bit of money.

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