Common causes of a flat battery MILTA Technology

Common causes of a flat battery

You have been caught out by a flat battery. It’s not the first time it happens. Check out the most common reasons for battery breakdown and find your possible cause of the problem.

The most common reason is leaving the lights, radio or other electronic devices on. Don’t leave your car unused for several days or weeks as it could also drain a battery. It’s not good to have many short distance journeys which leave car insufficiently recharged. Defecting charging systems or the wrong battery fitted could also under-charge battery. As well very cold or hot weather can damage your battery.

Batteries have their durability limitations so it’s possible you will need to change it in 5 year period. Old battery has more risk of corrosion which could interfere with the ability of proper functioning. Check out if some loose cables or brackets cause battery to run flat. Evaluate your problems and search for appropriate help.

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