Make a roundabout your friend not an enemy MILTA Technology

Make a roundabout your friend not an enemy

Have your car started to make weird noises? Be careful and listen to your car or it could stop on your way to work and cause you more problems than you would like to have. If you hear yourself saying “my car just made an unnatural noise.” Pay attention about specifics and better go to a mechanic to check it out before it’s too late.

Listen carefully when the noise repeats and try to locate it! Try to distinguish precise location from where the sound appears and how many times it recurs.

Firstly, if the noise comes from the steering wheel – pay attention! It looks like you could have the problem with steering fluid, CV joint, etc. Don’t ignore these sounds as it could lead to life-threatening situations! Secondly, if the sounds come from wheels – be careful! It could be related to brake pads, CV joint, wheel bearings, return springs, braking fluid, etc. Sometimes the minor sounds could turn out in the potential life threatening cases. Thirdly, if the sounds come from the engine – red light! It’s not so easy anymore to detect the distinctive noise from the loudest part in the car. But sometimes it’s impossible not to hear failure. The causes of different sounds could be the auxiliary drive belt, oil pressure, valve, engine overheating, etc. Letting problem to stay as is could lead to unsafe situations on road or your engine to die.

It’s easy nowadays to look up for solutions online, but we suggest faster and less costly solution. Take your car to our professional and reliable mechanic.

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