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Valve Body failure

One of the most common problems we see with the DSG 6-speed transmission is failure of the valve body. The symptoms of such failure, like jerking and uneven drive, are usually disregarded by the users and lead to more severe consequences.

The valve body is responsible for engaging and disengaging the clutches. In a dual-clutch gearbox, one of them should be always disconnected. However in case of a leak in the valve body, the second clutch may be not fully open and thus leading to warming it up and eventually damaging.

The cost of repairing the clutches is actually higher than the expenditure needed to fix the valve body. So if you ever notice that your automatic car is not driving as smoothly as it should – be aware and make sure to check the transmission by a qualified specialists.

  1. my Skoda superb 2008 DSG is jerky and sometimes at low speed the gear don’t engage. Kindly tell me breakup of charges so that I know if I will be able to afford that or not. I want it to be checked and repair if only it is needed.

    1. Hi Hassan, thank you very much for your message.

      You can find details of our standard repair prices here:

      If you like, you could give us more information, so we could tell you a bit more about possible issues with your gearbox. You can give us a call on +44 (0) 1454 411 743

      Thank you.

  2. What do you mean by uneven drive ability? My 2017 a3 feels like the wheel is unbalanced. Wheels are definitely balanced and I have rotated them with no change in drive feel. I feel it most between 30-40mph.

    1. Hi Jason, the best bet would be to actually check if your wheels are well balanced. It could be caused by the tyres as well. Sometimes the get internal damage which can’t be seen, and require testing. Finally, there might be an issue with your suspension.

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