Tag: Myth

Jan 18, 2017
Hiding behind a car protects from gunfire

Another myth about cars based on Hollywood movies tells that hiding behind a car can save your life from being shot. Although some bullets may have not enough energy to get past a car, a lot of them will do that without any problem. A car can be an excellent concealment if the shooter doesn’t […]

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Jan 15, 2017
Jet fuel would make your car more efficient

A lot of people think that jet fuel would make cars go super fast. But the truth is exactly opposite – if you fill a normal vehicle with a jet fuel, it will not work at all, because conventional engines cannot combust kerosene. Unless you’ve got jet engine powered car. But that’s rather rare.

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Jan 11, 2017
A bullet will set a car on fire

One of the common misconceptions about cars from the movies is that a bullet can cause a car to explode and burst into flames. However, this myth was already checked by the Mythbusters, and it turned out that a bullet actually goes through the gas tank, when you shot it from a normal gun.

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