Tag: Common issue in automatic gearboxes

Common transmission problems - gear slipping
Dec 06, 2016
Common issue in automatic gearboxes : Gear slipping

Whether you have an automatic transmission or a manual one, if you notice that while driving the transmission suddenly slips out of gear you should become extremely cautious. And the gearbox repair is not the biggest problem here. Driving such vehicle may lead to a dangerous situation if the gears slip when you need to […]

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Automatic gearbox open view of gears
Dec 05, 2016
Common issue in automatic gearboxes : Noisy in neutral

Fortunately, a noisy transmission in the neutral position may require something as simple as adding more fluid or replacing it. However, if you are unsure about the cause of the problem or it turns out that the fluid replacement doesn’t help – you should seek professional advice. As with the other issues discussed before, there […]

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Dec 03, 2016
Common issue in automatic gearboxes : Check engine light

Although the name of this indicator usually suggests engine problems, it can also mean issues with your transmission. Do not disregard this control light even if you don’t feel nor see any indications of failure in your vehicle. There are many possible reasons of this light to be on, some as light as a sensor […]

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